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Common Questions

Welcome to TrilliumDRX cattery page! We compiled a list of answers to the most common questions so that we can provide you with info before you ask for an application. 

We carefully select new homes for our cats to ensure they will be in safe hands therefore we will ask you a lot of questions too - just because we have kittens doesn’t mean that we’re willing to adopt them out to just anyone.

  And first, please do your homework regarding this amazing cat breed and make sure that all your family members are on the same page regarding welcoming a new cat/kitten.

We’re a member of CCA (Canadian Cat Association), TICA (The International Cat Associaltion), CFA (Cat Fanciers Association), LCWW (Lifetime Founding Friend of Loving Cats WorldWide), PlanetDevon. Our tom and all queens are registered with the CCA & TICA.

All of our cats (tom and queens) are free of hereditary diseases (each one was DNA tested for over 40 genetic diseases), FeLV and FIV negative, up to date with shots and attended to by a vet. We also perform yearly HCM scans on our breeding cats to make sure that only healthy cats are included in our program.

All import breeding cats are tested with the following: Abortion RealPCR, Comprehensive Diarrhea RealPCR and Conjuctivitis RealPCR Panels at our primary vet clinic and will be treated under quarantined before joining our cattery (if they needed to be).

We are happy to work with registered and established catteries that have the same breeding ethics and provide similar standard of care to their cats & kittens. Devon Rex is an amazing breed but also very delicate and is one of the hardest to breed therefore not recommended for beginner catteries unless you have 24/7 mentorship available to you somewhere else.

Our kittens leave spayed/neutered and this is non negotiable.

White cats have 30% higher chance of being deaf in both ears so we BAER test our white kittens before they're offered for reservation. BAER test is performed by a vet neurologist in Toronto.

All kitten litters are registered with the CCA. You will be provided with prepaid kitten registration form so that you can register your kitten in your name.

The price depends on pairing of its parents, as well as current veterinarian and upkeep costs.

Price is not static as it has to accommodate costs associated with acquiring quality pedigreed breeding cats, ever rising costs of veterinary care & medical procedures (remember you are getting dewormed, 2-3 times vaccinated, altered & microchipped kitten with a health guarantee), DNA testing & periodic medical testing of the parents to make sure that the sire/dam are in top shape and are healthy and produce healthy kittens, high quality foods & supplements, and costs of importing new queens/studs to the cattery.

The pricing on well bred pedigreed cats from reputable breeders is a reflection of their 24/7 commitment, time, care and knowledge.

All our Devon Rex kittens go home with the following:

  1. Prepaid CCA Registration Papers
  2. 2-3 sets of age-appropriate vaccines (FVRV-FCV-FPV)
  3. First rabies vaccine & certificate
  4. Dewormed – multiple times
  5. Full vet examination at each vet visit for vax and spay/neuter
  6. 2 year genetic and congenital health guarantee
  7. 30 Days of free pet insurance with Trupanion or/and 6 weeks of Petsecure
  8. Spay/Neuter (no exceptions for pets)
  9. Microchip
  10. Kitten Starter Pack from GO! Solutions
  11. Kitten health records
  12. Health certificates & paper work needed for kittens traveling outside of Canada
  13. Goodie bag that includes custom made blanket & cat toys
  14. Sales contract
  15. Tips and details pertaining to your reserved kitten
  16. Kitten/cat lifetime support. We love to hear from our graduates and are always here to answer your questions.
  17. Free kitten drop off at the airport or any location that is within 50km of our cattery location.

Yes, we provide 30 days of free pet insurance for all kittens from Trupanion with no wait time. You will need to activate your free insurance within 24hrs of picking up your kitten. For Canadian customers, we offer 6 weeks of free Petsecure coverage.

We strongly advise you to continue pet insurance (after the initial 4-6 weeks of coverage) for at least a year so that your new furry baby has a chance to mature and get out of the most fragile stage but continuing with insurance is optional.

Yes! We guarantee our cats to be Fiv/Felv negative at the time of pickup.

We also provide 2 years of congenital health guarantee – that our Devon Rex kitten is free from any genetic problems that would keep the cat from living a normal life as a pet.

Devon Rexes are 100% indoor cats but even if they never leave your home or travel out of the country, rabies vaccine may be a legal requirement in your area. If you do vaccinate, please choose the 3 year booster.

Kittens are usually ready to leave to their new homes at ages 14-18 weeks old, once they’re physically (reach a certain weight) and mentally ready.

We understand that rehoming is a very exciting time. Collecting your kitten requires scheduling pickup at a mutually convenient time.

Please note that we will not ship kittens in plane's cargo under any circumstances. Kittens can travel in the cabin with their new owners (proof of booked pet space in cabin will be required at pickup time) or with approved pet flight/land travel nanny. We also work with a pet nanny that offers door to door delivery and also deliver ourselves when our schedule permits, please inquire. All deliveries are at buyer's expense.

NO, our contract does not permit declawing. We are against declawing as it is act of animal cruelty. If we find out that you declawed your cat, we’ll confiscate your cat. Cat’s nails can be easily trimmed – once trimmed on a weekly basis, there will be nothing left for you to worry about.

Yes, all kittens are trained to use a litter box as well as a scratch post. Litter should always be clean and unscented. Perfumes can cause allergies in cats.

Not usually, cats groom themselves all the time and keep themselves super clean but some individuals (especially ones with naked bellies) can get a bit oily so they may require baths. If you do, you have to make sure that your cat is kept warm until his hair and skin are totally dry. Devon Rexes are very delicate and can get upper respiratory issues when they get cold. Ears and eyes in this breed require frequent cleaning. Excessive grooming by you or your cat can lead to bald patches.

There is no such thing as a fully hypoallergenic cat, but the Devon Rex comes close. Its very short coat sheds, but only minimally and it is considered one of the lowest maintenance shedding breeds. A lot of people report Devon Rexes being more tolerable than a domestic cat, but this might not be the case for everyone.

The severity of allergies can vary greatly on an individual basis. People do say that they build an immunity to the Devon Rex after several weeks, others say that they opt-out for allergy medication. It is always best to consult your general practitioner about allergies and how to manage them.

No, we don't accept any visitors to play with cats/kittens and/or to test for allergic reactions (exceptions can be made on case-by-case basis). Please note that we also have other pets at home (bunnies) that may trigger your allergies hence the test would not be accurate anyway.

The common genetic health issues that Devon Rexes have are PKD & CMS. Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is an inherited condition in cats that causes multiple cysts (pockets of fluid) to form in the kidneys.

These cysts are present from birth. Initially, they are very small, but they grow larger over time and may eventually disrupt kidney function resulting in kidney failure. Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome (CMS) causes congenital muscle weakness in Devon Rex cats.

Moderate to severely affected cats show evidence of generalized muscle weakness, particularly following exertion, stress, or excitement. Our queens and studs are DNA tested to make sure that they do not carry those genes.

Devon Rexes are 100% indoor cats and can only be outside under their pet parent's supervision and of course properly protected from weather elements. Some Devon rexes have very short hair and skin exposed that makes them very prone to sunburns and getting cold therefore attention has to be paid to the weather before taking your kitty outside (including vet trips).

Yes, usually kittens molt at around 2-4 months of age and it takes another 3-4 months for the hair to grow back but sometimes it takes up to 2 years for the final adult coat to develop. Not all kittens molt, it depends on their ancestry. Coat quality at 1-2 weeks old is a pretty good indicator of the haircoat cat will have as an adult.

Yes, you can see all the parents on pics under appropriate section on this page and we can present them on a life call. Additionally, you can see their pictures in FB cattery album 'Stud & Queens" (under Photo section).

For our family safety and cattery biosecurity reasons, we’re closed home cattery, and we don't accept any visitors. A lot of times, we have pregnant queens and newborn babies that are not vaccinated. Their immune system is fragile, and they can get sick easily. Most of our kittens are on a waiting/priority list even before they open their eyes and their new pet parents would not wish for you to play with their kittens before they do.

We’re home-based cattery so all of our kittens are conceived, birthed, and raised in family-oriented, pet-friendly home before they are adopted. They have access to all levels of the house at all times and are never locked/caged. Our cats are our beloved pets.

We continuously post pics and videos of our cats and kittens on our FB page & Instagram therefore there will not be any private updates sent, but we will communicate with you about all admin related items.

We're proud to say that as of spring 2023 our cats are on 70% balanced raw / 20% wet canned / 10% kibble. All adults and kittens are on high protein, no grain wet food diet (canned and Biologically Identical Raw Food) in variety of flavours and high protein, no grains minimal "GO Solutions! Carnivore" kibble that gets pregnant/nursing queens through the night (again in variety of flavours to limit kitten pickiness towards its food).

All stage version of wet food brands we use are: Nulo Freestyle, GO Solutions, Wellness but not all at the same time.

It is your choice if you want to continue with our brand of cat food or switch to something else as long it is balanced and feline specific. However, to avoid gastrointestinal issues, sufficient amount of time (1 month) is required for the kitten to adjust to both: their new home and their new food.

A list of acceptable brands/flavours (list of researched foods available in Canada/USA produced by 'Feline Nutrition" FB group) will be provided ahead of time so that the new parents can get prepared for their new arrival.

The Devon Rex is an excellent choice for families but their petite size (girls around 5-6 lbs and boys 7.5-9 lbs when fully grown) might be problematic with small children as they may not handle devon rex kitten as gently as they should. We suggest supervising playtime with the kids and teaching them how to pick up and hold kittens/cat properly to avoid hurting them.

Unlike many other breeds, the Devon Rex cat is open to bonding with other pets, including dogs. Again, her size is the overriding issue. After all, her energy level is likely to invite a chase. Therefore, early socialization is a must-do. The ideal approach is for a puppy and kitten to grow up together. Nevertheless, we suggest keeping an eye on any play with other pets.

Yes, we do have a waiting list. Due to the small size of our cattery, we open our waiting list for one year at a time. People from Waitlist always have their pick ahead of the public.

No, you don't. If we have a kitten that was not reserved by our waitlist, then we'll offer it to the public. That kitten can be reserved right away and the same application process as for waitlist applies.

For details, please refer to the top pinned post on our FB page as it will have the most current info.

If you have already adopted a Devon Rex from us, preapproval is not necessary. If we have space on our waiting/priority list, we’ll gladly add you to it. We offer $200 discount for Canadian returning customers and kittens being adopted in pairs.

Breeding cats is not an exact science, and it takes 6 months from conception till kitten can leave our cattery so plan accordingly. We wish for a litter of kittens from each queen every 6-12 months but there are never guarantees. Litters are usually small with 3 kittens on average. If you're open to gender and colour of the kitten, then the wait is shorter.

Yes, home cattery always has the first pick of all the kittens. Please note, we’ll not be keeping a kitten from every litter, but we always have this first pick if we do.

Yes, we do. Once the kittens are available for you to choose (when they’re about 9-12 weeks old), the deposit is $300 ($500 if you're not on the waitlist) to have your kitten selected. This deposit is equal to the first payment, is on top of the waiting/priority list fee and is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another kitten. This deposit is a part of the total adoption fee. We accept cash, eTransfer, Global Transfer, PayPal.

A Kitten is considered reserved when we receive from you a deposit as per above. Sending your Adoption Application automatically implies that you agree to TrilliumDRX Sales Policy. Sales Policy will be signed at pickup time when microchip info is available. We don’t hold kittens based on verbal promises.

We accept cash, eTransfers, Global Transfer and on occasion PayPal.

Kitten price must be paid in full before kitten can leave our cattery.