About TrilliumDRX

Situated on the east side of the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada, TrilliumDRX Cattery stands as an ethical, home-based preservation breeder specializing in the captivating Devon Rex breed. Our cattery name draws inspiration from Ontario's official provincial flower, the Trillium, reflecting our commitment to fostering a nurturing environment for these unique feline companions.

Our Mission

At TrilliumDRX Devon Rex Cattery, our mission is to breed and raise exceptional Devon Rex cats, known for their distinctive qualities and affectionate nature. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of care, health, and ethical breeding practices. Our goal is to bring joy and companionship to families through the creation of well-socialized, unique, and beloved feline companions. We are committed to the welfare of our cats and the promotion of responsible breeding within the Devon Rex community.

Our Devon Rexes

We choose our breeding cats from top-notch pedigrees worldwide, ensuring they’re healthy before reproducing. Our kittens are born and raised in the safety and comfort of our home, surrounded by our family and other pets. They receive ample affection and care, becoming well-socialized and accustomed to a loving environment. We keep our kittens in the cattery for at least 13-14 weeks, allowing them to learn important behaviors from their feline companions of all ages.

Why Devon rex

Devon Rex cats stand out as extraordinary feline companions. Their distinctive appearance and playful demeanor enchant cat lovers globally. Recognized for their curly coat, large ears, and mischievous expression, Devon Rex cats possess a unique charm that distinguishes them from other breeds. Beyond their striking looks, these cats are remarkably friendly and affectionate. They delight in forging deep connections with their human companions, making them perfect for households desiring a loving and interactive pet. Renowned for their intelligence and agility, Devon Rex cats often amaze their owners with impressive problem-solving skills and acrobatic feats.

Becoming TrilliumDRX Family

Devon Rexes thrive in the company of their chosen humans, shadowing them with an eagerness to assist in every aspect of their lives. These sociable felines find joy in companionship and aren’t content when left alone. We prefer placing our kittens in homes with other cat-friendly animals, and we strongly recommend considering adopting two kittens, be it littermates or a companion from a rescue, shelter, or another breeder. If the idea of a delightful cat-monkey as a furry friend resonates with your family.